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Electrolysis Hair Removal in New York, NY

Discover the ultimate destination for professional electrolysis hair removal in New York, NY, at Magic Touch Skin Care. Our expert services ensure you attain long-lasting, hair-free skin without enduring painful and frequent treatments. Our certified electrologist proudly provides a wide array of options tailored to suit every individual's needs. Book a visit today and enjoy effortless hair removal for all areas of your body.

Safe and Effective Hair Removal

There are many hair removal methods on the market today. Endless products exist, from razors to lotions that promise smooth and stubble-free skin. However, these products are only a short-term solution, and they could end up causing painful skin reactions and other issues. Instead of repeatedly spending money and going through the hair removal process, choose electrolysis hair removal as an easy, safe, and convenient alternative.

What is electrolysis hair removal? This proven technique is a safe, relatively painless, permanent way to eliminate unwanted hair without the risk of scarring or scabbing. You'll see fantastic results in just a few months. Our electrologist, Surila Bajaj, is fully certified to perform your services. While we use a blended method perfect for African-American hair, we offer our services to clients with all hair types.

Purple Lips | Electrolysis in New York, NY

Electrolysis Hair Removal in New York, NY

Request Electrolysis Hair Removal from Us Today

Enjoy a smooth and hair-free body at affordable prices. Prices vary based on the length of treatment required, and rates include the following:

• 15 Minutes - $65
• 30 Minutes - $115

• 45 Minutes - $155
• 60 Minutes - $185


• Full Brazilian Wax - $120
• Eyebrow Wax - $25
• Chin Wax - $35
• Full Face Wax - $80
• Underarm Waxing - $55
• Men's Back & Shoulder - $175
• Men's Arm Waxing - $165

• Bikini Wax - $75
• Lip Wax - $15
• Sideburn - $40
• Full Arms Wax - $120
• Full Leg Wax - $165
• Men's Stomach and Chest - $175
• Ear Piercing (including gold earrings) - $120

Leg Hair Removal | Electrolysis in New York, NY

 Lady Wearing a White Bikini | Electrolysis in New York, NY

Laser Hair Removal

In addition to our professional electrolysis hair removal services, we also offer laser hair removal, ear piercing, and waxing services. Please note that we need to see your skin and hair condition to determine how many laser treatments are required. Ditch the razors forever with a visit to our office. You can reach out to us today to discuss pricing for this service.

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